John Spencer - House Percussionist

John began playing drums during his twenties.

Working his way through numerous bands playing traditional drums.

After purchasing his first pair of Bongos, several days later with Bongos in rucksack he left the UK for Lanzarote where his Percussion journey began.

On return to the UK he moved to Acton South London to study at London's Drumtec College having lessons from Drumtec's founder Francis Seriau, along with Drummers Richard Beasley (Gary Newman) and Laurie Jenkins (Candy Flip)

After six months at Drumtec John moved to the South Coast and auditioned for his first gig playing Percussion alongside Jay Rachet DJ (Fire Radio) in central Bournemouth. It was there his passion for playing Percussion alongside House music began, bringing that live sound to accompany the music.

John has over ten years experience playing percussion alongside DJ's and Artists.

Over the last ten years he has performed in numerous Venues across the UK holding several residencies, having performed at Night Clubs, Lounge Bars, Open Air Stages and Events, Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows and more.

He has also recorded and performed on Radio.

John has recently worked with Angel Mckenzie together with her band Scar.

He performed on her latest video for their new single "Waiting for the Stars" recorded in South London.


John has been fortunate to have worked with the following Artists and DJs

Angie Brown

Angie Brown

Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown

Ultra Nate

Ultra Nate

Alison Limerick

Alison Limerick

Lara McCallan (Angel City)

Lara McCallan

Angel McKenzie (Scar)

Angel McKenzie

DJ Brandon Block

Brandon Block

DJ Robert Owens

Robert Owens

DJ Norman Jay MBE

Norman Jay MBE

DJ Ross E B

Ross E B

DJ Jay Rachet

Jay Rachet

DJ Clare Large

Clare Large


John has played at the following venues around Bournemouth, London etc

Maitai Lounge Bar

Maitai Lounge Bar

Penn Central Cafe Bar Restaurant

Penn Central

Aruba Bar

Aruba Bar

Jimmy's Bar / Nightclub


Bar So

Bar So

Bliss Bar


Breeze Lounge Bar


J.P Morgan

J.P Morgan

Klute Lounge

Klute Lounge

Hamptons Lounge Bar


Imax Nightclub

Imax Nightclub

Ink Bar

Ink Bar

Artists and DJ's (cont)

Si Gracia

Seth Sanchez

Tim Lyall

Danny Perez

Dave Hornby

Steve Chambers

Jon Grigg

Venues (cont)

Dockgate 4

Salterns Hotel

The Slug and Lettuce

Obscura Café

Winchester Bar

Budha Bar



Le Bateau